Nekton B-Komplex 35g

Nekton B-Komplex 35g B-vitamiinivalmiste linnuille ja matelijoille.

Nekton B-Komplex 35g on tarkoitettu ensisijaisesti linnuille B-vitamiinilisäksi, mutta sitä voidaan käyttää myös muilla eläimille.

HUOM! B-vitamiinilisäys on erittäin tärkeää raakaa kalaa syövillä kilpikonnilla ja käärmeillä, koska kalan sisältämä tiaminaasi tuhoaa B1-vitamiinia.


A Vitamin B supplement for all kinds of Birds

Vitamins are complex organic compounds essential in a bird's
organism for maintenance, growth and reproduction.

The members of the water-soluble vitamin B complex are vital
for a bird as parts of the enzyme systems that catalyze the
metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Those in the
NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX are interbalanced to complement and
support each other.

Although there are a number of vitamin B food supplements
already on the market, there is none especially suited to the
requirements of a bird. We felt this was a task for us at NEKTON
as we had already developed and produced a wide range of
special supplements with a bird's health in mind. Our experience
and the proven success of past products have enabled us to
find just the right combination and blend of vitamins to meet a
bird's requirements.

A vitamin B deficiency can lead to a number of different reactions
in the organism. These are particularly apparent during times
of stress, meaning a bird owner should take care to make not
only NEKTON-S as usual, but also NEKTON-B-Komplex available
to his birds daily.

Animal requirements for Thiamine, or vitamin B1, vary in
proportion to the intake of energy and increase when the diet
contains a higher amount of carbohydrates, as this vitamin is
needed for the breakdown of carbohydrates into lipids. If the
diet contains a comparatively high percentage of protein, however,
then the share of vitamin B6 must be increased proportionally
to encourage the amino acid metabolism.

The vitamins of the B complex play an important role in the
smooth functioning of the nervous system and a deficiency
results in over-excitability, muscle contractions, uncoordinated
movements and even leads to death. One of the phenomena
of a vitamin B1 deficiency, for example, is the bending back of
a bird's head.

Caring bird owners will also find NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX
invaluable during illness, as the availability of the B vitamins
during treatment with antibiotics and sulfonamides is considerably


NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX is a water-soluble vitamin supplement
in powder form easily prepared and administered. It can be
added to the drinking water or soft feed as needed. Each pack
of NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX contains a measuring spoon for your

Normally a daily supply of the multivitamin supplement NEKTONS
gives a bird enough vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
to maintain health, encourage growth and enhance appearance.
In times of stress such as during shows, recaging, breeding
etc., and during illness, a bird will need an increase of vital
substances to help it through these times. This is when it needs

At such times small birds should be given ½ a measuring spoon
NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX added to the daily ration of drinking
water or soft food it takes daily. Medium-sized birds, about the
size of a dove for example, should be given a full measuring
spoonful. Birds the size of parrots should get 1 - 2 measuring

Minimum content per 1000 g:

Thiamine 1,500 mg; Riboflavin 3,400 mg; Niacinamide 30,000
mg; D-Pantothenic-Acid 10,000 mg; Vitamin B6 3,400 mg;
Vitamin B12 10,500 μg; Folic Acid 500 mg.


Store in a cool, dark and dry place. In an unopened container
and correctly stored the vitamins in NEKTON-B-KOMPLEX
remain effective until date of expiration, see extra label.


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